These are a few of my favorite things

Lately my lovely mother has been demanding my famous and highly anticipated 15th annual Christmas list. However, this year as a financially unstable college student I have formally requested tuition reimbursement and a Wal-Mart gift card. I am also very clearly aging because without even breaking into a smile I also wrote down “Socks (but not cotton because those make my feet sweat)”. As President Trump would comment: Sad!!!

In order to ignore the depressing reality that I, at 20 years old, really, really hope Santa brings me a nice vacuum for Christmas here is my feeble attempt at a “lifestyle” blog post. So, for those of you who need a “Gift giving guide for the fun and flirty college aged gal” here are a few things that are ~hip~ and I particularly like this season.

  • To be honest the entire Anthropologie website is a good place to start. Just pick anything and there’s no doubt in my mind your girl will be more than content with your incredibly thoughtful gestures. Wow. Good job you’re done. More specifically, I’m a huge fan of their Volcano scented candles:capri-blue-candles-imageHoly guacamole. Now I’ve never seen or smelled a real volcano but there’s a lot of doubt in my mind that this is what it would be like. It’s described as “tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens (FRESH)”. All I’m saying is that one time I literally wanted to smell this stupid candle so badly I got legitimately upset that I didn’t own one. I know it’s better to smell candles and perfumes before purchase, but if whoever you buy this for hates it just tell them they’re wrong and keep it for yourself or send it to me. Thanks.


  • Fair warning for this one: sometimes I am not very smart. I requested this book for my birthday last year thinking it was B.J. Novak’s autobiography. It is not. What it IS however, is a delightful collection of short stories from (arguably) one of the greatest comedic writers of our time. It’s no secret I LOVE The Office and good ole B.J. is one of the mastermind writers behind that jolly good show. I’ve been reading this book over the short little break from school I have been blessed with and it has done the trick in helping me laugh and view life in a more simple and lighthearted way. It’s short, easy, but probably not for the whole fam. 10/10 would recommend.BJ
  • Betsey Johnson has a lot of crazy purses and handbags, but I LOVE her stuff. When I started college I bought one of her backpacks which is still going strong three years later. People I’ve never talked to have actually recognized me because of how cute my bag is… just sayin *hair flip*. It’s seriously one of my prized possessions because it’s massive and incredibly sturdy. This one is clear which I think is pretty neat. It’d be nice to be able to look through my bag to check if I packed my phone rather than dig through it and why yes I am lazy.


  • Anyone that knows me knows that I am a lampy person. Fluorescents and I definitely don’t get along. This seeps into the candlelight category, but it’s a stand alone. Although this is very college-dorm-like, Christmas lights are shamelessly my preferred source of light. They’re hanging up in my living room and my bedroom and they are absolutely not just for the holidays.  Luckily they’re pretty cheap and last a while too!!! Upgrade your fave girl with a set of these cool string lights from Crate and Barrel. 




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