Questions and Lessons

Some things are easier to learn than others. In 20 (almost 21!!!) years the people I love have taught me everything I understand about life and who I want to be as a person. The world really isn’t so scary when there are people around who have already experienced it. If you ask nicely they’ll even tell you all about what it has to offer and some of the ways to make it better.


My whole life I have been reading books to try and figure out the right way to ask questions. I wrote down all the answers I could find in my own handwriting and always tried to say I had it all figured out. My entire life has been spent learning and through journalism, I can keep asking questions and figuring out the truth of things. When I decided to try and spend the rest of my life writing, my Dad was the most supportive. He always wants me to do whatever makes me the most excited. Whenever I felt like I didn’t have a voice, he would sing with me in the car and always asked me for mixed CDs. My dad taught me how to argue and how to cry in front of people without feeling ashamed. I Whenever I need to be inspired I always just call my Dad.


In August we talked about his graduation in December. I told him how excited and proud I was, but to be fair I was more annoyed that he had to beat me in getting a Bachelors. Truly, I can’t believe how he does it. He’s an actual superhero and I am so inspired by his ability to choose joy in all things.


Whenever my brother and I throw a pity party, my dad likes to remind us that we are MexiCAN and Puerto RiCAN. He’s mostly a dork, but I think about this a lot when I need a reminder of where my family came from. He means that his dad came to America at 19 years old to make a better life for himself and his kids. My Grampy worked in a factory his entire life so my uncles and father wouldn’t have to. My dad means that my Abuelita (Ita) came to Chicago when she was 16 because she wanted a future. Growing up she always told me to stay in school so I wouldn’t have to work like she did. My dad means that if my grandparents can do all these things then so can I because I have their blood.


Out of all the lessons I have learned so far, these are what matter. My Dad always has the best answers and without him I wouldn’t know how to be hardworking and loyal. I would be lacking a mentor in the art of comedy and I wouldn’t know how to be bold or daring.


And to think we are both students.

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